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Garage Door Repairs- Serving Sunnyvale

Do you need a garage door repair or replacement? If you do, give us a call! We are a family oriented business that will put your repair needs first. Let us show you what we are all about. Here is a rundown of our garage door repair and replacement services.

Spring Repair

Wear and tear can cause your garage door springs to incur corrosion and rust. If your springs do break off from the structure of the door then this is a potential safety hazard. Allow us to repair or replace your garage door springs and get the door back into a safe state.

Opener Repair

Your garage door opener has a motor and moving parts which can make it susceptible to mechanical issues. Pro Line technicians will first see if the remote is functioning and will then move on to assessing how the opener responds before making any repairs for you.

Bent, Misaligned and Broken Tracks

Your garage door tracks are famous for having issues with them breaking, being knocked out of their natural alignment or being bent. Wear and tear in conjunction with hundreds of pounds of the garage door spell trouble for these tracks. We can repair and replace them for you.

Cable Replacement

Garage door cables may go around your drums, but they can also encounter issues all their own due to excessive fraying or even breaking. With cable replacement, your cables are like new and will even help you improve the overall thrust that they have as they operate.

Broken or Bent Rollers

It is important for your garage door to be properly balanced. Your garage door rollers have an impact on this. The rollers have to assist with the rolling motion of the garage door. If they bend too much or break then they are not usable any longer. We can replace rollers in 1-2 hours for you.

Loose or Broken Hinges

The hinges have to have help to hold your garage door in place which means they carry a huge burden. A loose hinge can be tightened while a broken once is a safety concern and we suggest immediate replacement to avoid any injury to yourself or your garage door.

Trolley Carriage Replacement

If your trolley carriage is not operating then a replacement can be the right solution to try. To do this repair, we locate your trolley carriage and examine it to see if it is indeed broken. The carriage might move at this time however, if you see that your garage door still won’t work, then we can replace the trolley carriage by taking the carriage away from the trolley and disconnecting the header bracket. The bracket is on the rail and allows us to remove the trolley so that we can replace it.

Emergency Services

Emergency repair services are a part of our business that we believe allows us to go above and beyond for you. We have a designated emergency services phone line that you can feel free to use at any time. Our repair technicians love helping you with whatever needs you have.

Safety Eye Adjustment

Safety eyes require alignment or they cannot work with your garage door remote to allow you access to your garage door. The eyes can break and often become out of alignment when someone or something jostles them. We can align the safety eyes, clean them and evaluate their performance for you.

Weather Seal Replacement

The weather seal may be at the bottom of your door, but maintaining it should be at the top of your to do list. Pro Line Garage Doors advises you to replace the weather seal every two years because it helps to keep air and rain out when you need it most. The entire seal can be removed and a new one can be secured with caulking in less than one hour.

Broken Sensor Eye

If your door’s remote is flashing and is not operating then you might have a broken sensor eye. The wires often become disconnected or break due to weather exposure. Our top notch service repair technicians will take the sensor eye and first examine its wires. If the wires are not working then we will replace them or consider having you replace the sensor eye if it cannot be fixed.

Section or Panel Replacement

Sections and panels can need to be replaced because of accidents that occur. We will come out and perform an evaluation of your garage door and assess the damage. We will then decide how much of the door absolutely needs to be replaced. This needs to be done in a timely manner because the panels play a critical role in maintaining the door’s structural integrity.


Your garage door keypad is the mechanism in which you are able to have your garage door work. Keypads are not kept within the garage which means that they can be exposed to water and wind. The keypad may malfunction which can be a hassle so let us do some tests to see if wiring issues may be the root of your problem. We can also do a keypad change out for you very quickly.


A strut is used for helping the garage door to go up and down. Struts have to stretch which is not good for them because of the materials that they are made out of. When a strut begins to wear, it needs to undergo a replacement. Pro Line can do this for you the same day.


Garage door shafts keep torsion in balance. High above your door is where the shaft is found. The shaft can encounter shearing and the buildup of dirt and grime which can slow down the way that it operates. We can get you a replacement shaft and have it installed in its place within a few hours. We do not advise you as a home or business owner to try conducting a shaft replacement yourself because of how hard it is to reach the shaft at the top of the door and the heaviness of the door. You could get hurt very easily.


Couplings are inside of your motor head and they aid the screw that lowers and raises the entire structure of the garage door. We will examine the screw that works with the coupling to see if it also could be the source of the issue. If your garage door makes a noise that is loud then your couplings may need to be replaced by us ASAP.


Slats are not found on residential garage doors, but they are a fixture on commercial ones. These metal bars are in tandem to help a door with the function of rolling up. When a bar is bent or broken, we typically recommend a replacement slat to be added to the door. Our experts can remove the old slat with a saw and then install a new one for you.


Garage door remotes may seem like they are convenient and will never fail, but unfortunately they can be a huge source of door related problems. Most people forget to replace their garage door remote batteries so if your remote has flat lined, then please get some batteries and install them.

If your remote is not working then go to the bottom of your door and look for your safety eyes. If they are not working then your remote needs to have them aligned. When all else fails, we suggest allowing us to replace it for you.


Your garage door boards need to function properly so that signals can be relayed properly throughout the system. The board’s control panel can have issues with wiring. If the entire board is not working then a short could have taken place. We will gladly repair the board if we can and replace it with the same type if you request this service from one of our technicians.


Your garage door gears were designed to work with your chain so that there is fluid motion as your door lifts and shuts. Gears on a garage door are similar to those in cars in that they need to be lubricated and properly maintained so that they do not break or corrode. When gears can no longer take the stress due to wear and tear, they stop working. We can examine your gears and then replace them.


A torsion spring shaft is where your garage door drums are positioned on the door. These drums have to work well so that the cables can wrap around them and slowly make sure that the door is being closed and opened properly. The drums can corrode and break. A drum failure is something that we see often at Pro Line Garage Doors because of their location. Let us replace your door drums in a snap.

Bearing Plates

Many people do not know what a bearing plate is or what is does. A bearing plate is in charge of activating the bars that are assigned the task of making the garage door raise and lower. Garage doors contain three of these plates and your bearing plates need to be watched carefully for signs that they might be corroding because of stress. The weight of the garage door bears down very hard on the bearing plates. This means that if they are not replaced then the bearings will not be controlled properly which can take the whole door down.


Your garage door has a leaf spring bumper. This works with the torsion system to put tension on the door’s cables. A bumper has to be rigid and be able to sustain a harsh fall from a garage door.
This type of bumper can protect your garage, providing cushioning for the door so that a collision with the track does not take place. There are also what is referred to as push down bumpers that you can have installed on your door that use a rubber stopper to protect your door from harm. Corrosion and damage can result in the need for a bumper replacement. The springs and cables often can become very wound up which can cause injuries if you try to fix the bumpers yourself. We can easily take the bumpers off and add new ones for you.

Same Day Service

Same day service is important to having a long standing business in the community. We offer you same day service regardless of the size of the job you are requesting our services for. You can request an appointment 7 days a week. We want our clients to know that if you try to fix a garage door, that you must have the protective gear and necessary tools to do so. We have the most highly skilled technicians in the area working for us because they care about what they do and they want to help you with any repair related task that you need. Pro Line Garage Doors is all about service and you can take that to the bank.